BRAIN: A call to all Brain Surgeons fans

bart bart at AEOLIANS.BT.CO.UK
Tue Jan 23 10:44:24 EST 1996

Carl writes -

>         Can anyone supply a list of publications known to have already
> covered tBS (though if they only looked at _Eponymous_ I suppose we
> should force them at gunpoint to look at _Trepanation_ as well :) ?
>         Also, does anyone have a list of addresses of publications
> we can contact (besides the ones John has acquired)?

For the UK, I suppose the rags like Kerrang!!! and Raw Power would be the
best bet...

>         I suppose I should be doing my bit over 'ere in ol' Blighty ...

Well I furnished Deb with the booking contact number for the Camden Underworld.
Maybe we need to twist Mr Branson's arm for some cheap air fares next ;-)



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