OFF: Radio Birdman Oz gigs and interview

Wed Jan 24 08:23:52 EST 1996

> I passed these questions on to Tony, and he composed this message for the list.
> Pete.
> Hi all,
> Just a quick follow up to the last posting re a few queries.  I'd say it's
> possible that there would be enough material between the guys to get an
> album together.  Tek has already put out a couple of solo efforts, both
> reviewed very well, too.  Actually someone should do this guy's story.
> Phantom fighter pilot, doctor, and geetar player extraordinaire.  Rob
> Younger and the others may well have material also.  I think they may have
> aired a couple of newies at the gig on Friday night.  Sounded pretty strong
> to me.  Whether or not they can get it together enough to handle the studio
> trip remains to be seen
> Tony

Thanks again for more Birdman stuff.  Does anyone know the titles of
Deniz' solo recordings?  Are they strictly Oz or can they be had in
the states?
> Peter Sondergeld
> p.sondergeld at

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