HW: Live record list (update)

Bernhard Pospiech b.pospiech at POP.RUHR.DE
Fri Jan 26 10:21:11 EST 1996

Hi folks

Here is an updated list of all HAWKWIND bootlegs and live records

CD = Compact Disc, R = Record (vinyl)

Bootleg name                            Recorded                Source  Town
Spacerock from London           28.09.1972              CD      London
Live-St.Albans                          08.12.1979              CD
Orgasmatron                            different dates          CD
Dawn of Hawkwind                    different dates        CD
Rock City                                  16.11.1993             CD
Kings Of Speed, LoL                08.10.1991             CD    Bochum (Germany)
Nova Drive                                different dates       CD
Damnation Alley                       04.10.1989             CD    Minneapolis

Live At Stonehenge                 22.06.1983              R       Stonehenge
Cyberspace Conspiracy           25.01.1990              R       Nottingham
Live At Watchf. and Stoneh.    different dates          R
Assasins Of Allah                     different dates         R
Live at the Bottom Line            06.03.1978              R       New York
Mind Journey                            10.08.1975              R       Glasgow
Undisclosed Files                     27.11.1984, ?.12.88 R      Sheffield +
Golden Void                             19.10.1982              R      Glasgow

Live Record name
Live Chronicals                         03.12.1985              CD+R    London
California Brainstorm                16.12.1990               CD        Oakland
Italian CD                                  05.11.1990              CD
Busines Trip                             27.11.1993              CD+R
Live 79                                     08.12.1979                CD+R
Space Ritual                            22 + 30.12.1972        CD+R
Liverpool+ Lon.
Space Ritual II                         30.12.1972                CD+R
PXR5                                       29.09.1977                 CD+R
(3Tracks) Leices
Hall Of The MG                        26.01.1974                CD+R (3
Hawklords Live                          24.11.1978              CD      Uxbridge
Text Of Festival                        18.8.70 + 19.4.71 + 19.5.71  CD+R London
Zones                                        31.10.82+18.12.80   CD+R
Bristol, London
Out And Intake                          12.11.1982+ ???
London+ ???
Do Not Panic                             18.12.80+20.6.84+21.6.84  CD+R
Palace Springs                          10.10.1989              CD+R   Los
Roadhawks                               30.12.1972              CD+R    London



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