HW: Business Trip Date(s)?

Rudich, Robert A Rudich at VOLPE2.DOT.GOV
Fri Jan 26 12:09:00 EST 1996

This is admittedly a trivial point, but no more than some so I feel safe
raising it.  Bernhard has the Business Trip listed as being recorded at 1
show at Hastings (27.11.1993 or Nov. 27, 1993 for us backward Americans).  I
don't have the cover in front of me, but I thought they attributed it to
various venues over some defined period of time in the notes.   If my memory
isn't faulty, do tapes match every song for the Hastings show note for note
and that is how we have more definitive info?  Granted, a lot of the songs
do flow unbroken.  More cover disinformation to bolster the Hawkwind


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