Conv w/ Bolle / Q for Albert!

Albert T Bouchard ir004728 at INTERRAMP.COM
Fri Jan 26 20:34:41 EST 1996


>> OK, let me get this straight...Alice Cooper, Spirit, Mahavishnu
>> Orcherstra, The James Gang and BOC!!!   Now that's what I call eclectic!
>> Wish I was there, but I was only 7 years old at the time.
>> Just out of curiosity where was BOC on the bill?

We opened every show, except Mahavishnu. How embarassing!

>> How come no one puts together this type of a mix in the line up anymore?
>> --EF
> EF,
> I think those were all separate tours.
> theo
 Quite correct. Also Rare Earth, The Byrds, and other less memorable groups.

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