Hawkzine #4/MM

Scott Heller (617) 724-7762 HELLERS at A1.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Jan 28 15:09:00 EST 1996

       I just finished reading the new Hawkzine #4 by Bob Lennon. Not a bad
       little zine. Anyway, the focus of my discussion here is that Bob used
       to be a big Monster Magnet fan and even had a long interview with Dave
       Wyndorf in his previous Hawkzine #2. Bob rags on the band for putting
       out too many singles from the new record (even though they all contain
       unreleased material), playing juvenile shows, and comparing them to
       REM and Stone Temple Pilots as far as MTV success goes (which is not
       even true)....... So what's my point... My point is that I thought
       that besides a few tracks that most of Dopes to Infinity was very
       heavy uncomprimsing spacy metal.. I wish the swishy sounds and audio
       generator sounds were higher in the mix, like Dave told me they
       originally were. Also, I spent an hour talking with Dave back in
       August and hs is not into the commercial rock shit. What he is trying
       to do is ride the very edge of the commercial music industry, enough
       so that he can make enough money to do the type of music things he
       wants to do and also still be creative and not have to comprimise too
       much. We spoke at length about how he wants to put out a double
       concept lp with 20 minute spaced out tracks, but that just doesn't fly
       with record companies etc... and until he has the control, he won't be
       able to do it.   He is a huge HW fan and I think that ultimately he
       would like to get back to doing spacey stuff like the early HW
       material.   Bob, I wouldn't count Dave out yet!!


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