BRAIN: New tunes

Stephen Swann swann at PHANTOM.COM
Mon Jan 29 10:47:13 EST 1996

I wrote:
>    >Steve has just been pressing Deb and Al for the same information.
>    >Having missed the last BS show, I don't know whether any of the new
>    >songs have been moved into the set list yet.  I would *love* to see
>    >St. Vitus' Dance there, but I'm betting that Date With my Guitar will
>    >be the first in.  It's a guaranteed crowd pleaser - I think possibly
>    >even more so than Medusa, which is the current crowd favorite (judging
>    >by the Applause-O-Meter).
>    >The new tunes sound like their strongest yet.

HERBERT119 at DELPHI.COM replied:
> "St. Vitus Dance" - A cover of the Sab classic from Vol. 4, I presume? Cool.

Absolutely not.  It shares the title (and good deal of the heaviness) :-)
but it's a different tune.


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