BOC - 1/25/96 in Santa Cruz

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Tue Jan 30 09:32:03 EST 1996

Doug writes:

I'll be down in Anaheim during the holidays next year, and will
definitely be looking up Ed & Anita, and paying a visit to Bolle
and Le Musee de Cult.  I guess I'll know the real truth then... =)

Another Lucky Bastard!  ;-)   I know, if I'd just fly out there I could
visit the museum as well.  Bolle reminds me every time I talk to him
that I should come visit.  One of these days . . .  Bolle also likes to
show the museum off, but he likes to be able to have interesting
conversations with knowlegeable BOC fans.  He has a vast store of rare,
un-released, and "for you only" material that he'll play for you (but
don't ask for copies), and he has a wealth of knowlege of all things
BOC.  Judging from my last phone call with Bolle, he gets a little
agravated when people show up and want him play "Agents of Fortune" or
some other readily available material.  And he probably wants to have
deeper conversations than people asking, "So, when did Buck shave off
his moustache?"


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