And The Gods Listened...

Wed Jan 31 10:01:51 EST 1996

> There are times in one's life when you realize that you are
> in the presence of greatness...
> Not too many months ago, Carlos Santana made an appearance
> @ The Gorge, a spectacular outdoor amphitheater overlooking the
> mighty Columbia River in central Washington State.  I went prepared
> for a wonderful evening, and was not disappointed.  There was a point
> near the end of the set, during 'Vive La Vida', when the purity of the
> musical energy being generated & the sheer splendor of the surroundings
> began coalescing into one of the more beautiful moments I have ever had
> the honor to witness.  It was as if the Gods Of Music were descending,
> to listen, dance, & take part in this transcendent moment in time...
Was this the tour with Jeff Beck opening the show?  I saw that
concert up here, fifth row.  I'm a big fan of Carlos', but on this
particular night, Jeff totally dusted Carlos.  It's hard to compare
the two, and I think a lot of those in attendance would disagree with
my appraisal.  I'm admittedly a Jeff Beck fan--much more so than
Carlos, but Jeff was awe-inspiring.  All the more in that he hadn't
played the US in over 5 years.  For me, THIS was a religious

> The Gods, they danced...
> My first concert experience was of similar caliber, for one simple, elegant
> reason...Blue Oyster Cult.  My first concert was the Seattle stop on the
> Black & Blue tour, outdoors, in Memorial Stadium.  I was an impressionable
> 13 years old, and took in the surroundings with a genuine sense of awe, not
> knowing what would soon happen to me.  A band some of you may remember,
> Riot, opened the show, followed by Molly Hatchet.  The break between Molly
> Hatchet & Blue Oyster Cult was a long one, and by the time the 'Subhumans'
> took the stage, the crowd was in a frenzy.  It was then that I was inducted
> into the realm of Desdinova.  The next hour & a half found me witness to the
> spectacle that was B.O.C..  I am not much for religion, but I would swear
> that
> the ArchAngels themselves sat atop the Marshalls, as the music penetrated
> everything within the visible spectrum...
> The Gods, they listened...
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What a way to be initiated into concert going.  My first BOC gig was
just before 'Secret Treaties' came out.  And that was true

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