club ninja bright spots

Wed Jan 31 15:15:52 EST 1996

>    Hi,
>     After seeing a few Club Ninja remarks (all bad) I thought I
>     would add my ever non-important $0.02 worth. I thought there
>     were some very good songs on the album. Dancin' in the Ruins,
>     Perfect Water and Spy in the House of the Night to name a few.
>                            Joel
Get used to it, pal.  'Club Ninja' is something of a pet rock among
BOC-L.  I liked it okay enough for 'White Flags' 'Dancin' 'Perfect
Water' and 'Madness'.  The rest is pretty disappointing.  The band's
reliance on outside songwriters is pretty hit-or-miss.  The two Rob
Halligan tunes [I actually went to high school with him, a grade
later] are horrible. [His garage bands were awful, too!  But He's
made a career out of polluting good rock bands, c.f. his dreadful
contributions to Judas Priest] The necessity to go outside the band,
aggravated by Albert's departure, taking his fertile songwriting with
him, is seen by many on BOC-L as the beginning of the band's long
decline.  I'm inclined to agree.

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