HW: 2 compilation tape projects

Stephen Lindsey stephen at SYSTEM9.UNISYS.COM
Wed Jan 31 19:49:10 EST 1996

> >
> > >         Stonehenge 84 : 2nd show Spirit of the age
>         Nik recites something else cant remember what song though.

        Actually this reminds me doesn't Dave skip a line in
        Spirit of the age from 'Live 79' (and throughout the 79 tour),

        Like Bernhard said, they don't even care if they *release* the
        screwups !

PS thanks for checking the Images stuff, phewww One less CD to worry about.

PPS Jill didn't we establish the Hi Tech cities to be a studio track
        a while back ? I think I remeber this ?

Steve L.

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