OFF but ON: Timothy Leary

john paine jpaine at LINKNET.KITSAP.LIB.WA.US
Sat Jun 1 21:18:16 EDT 1996

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Jerry wrote:

> Wylie wrote:
> >  Today the world lost a great visionary, a mind that grasped realities
> >which most of us cannot imagine, let alone experience.  May he relish
> >the ultimate trip.  This day I mourn.
> Didn't he say (first week of May) that he wanted to commit suicide by taking
> an overdose on something? The whole event had to be video taped and
> broadcast on tv and internet. I guess this did not happen?
> Jerry
He was intending to commit suicide "on-line", and has had a web page for
some time (http\\ something like that).  He died in his
sleep, and his last words were pretty interesting . . .

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