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Andrew A. Apold mordru at MAGG.NET
Thu Jun 6 14:06:39 EDT 1996

>True.  But IMHO that's different from a "real" death.  I mean, everyone
>who pays to watch deaths on cinema/TV know that it isn't real, no matter
>how good the special effects are.  And, I don't believe in general they
>watch specifically because they are interested in death.  They may be
>interested in the stories created which cause these deaths, or they
>may be interested in seeing gore, but I don't think they are specifically
>going to see death.

Ever seen one of those "Faces of Death" videos?  Nothing but real
death, electrocutions, police killed by a gator, a vaction camcorder
of a beheading in Arabia, hangings, etc.  There's so successful
that they are now up to the 9th installment of the series, and imitation
videos are showing up from other companies.  A recent one had a
guy who blew his brains out with a gun, some politician who was about
to go down, on tape....

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