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M Holmes fofp at TATTOO.ED.AC.UK
Fri Jun 7 16:46:10 EDT 1996

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Assassin_Soniqu=E9?= writes:

> On  7 Jun 96 Andy Gilham wrote about Re: HW: www.hawkwind.com:
> > >Shit, now the wrath of 'He' will be upon me
> >
> > Oops sorry Paul, I just thought it was worth a try!  I didn't really expect
> > it to work!
> Not to worry, I have it on good authority that mail to the
> aforementioned email address is being received by the author of the
> page (who incidentally gets thanked by UA on all the remasters, 'coz
> he supplied the masters for the bonus tracks on SR) until such a time
> as 'He' finally gets around to having Internet access.
> Phew! I'm safe

I dunno. Obviously you should get Brock so mad that he'll fly to
Australia to sort you out. Then tell 'im if he's coming anyway, the band
might as well tour....

> Sonique


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