Welcome Jack!

jean l delacour delacour at UNM.EDU
Tue Jun 11 18:28:44 EDT 1996

Jack & Alma;

Glad to hear from you.  Graveyard shifts suck!!!  When I was working my way
through college, I used to work swing shift at a cabinet shop in Riverside,
CA, and that was better that graveyard.

Your web page was recently discivered by Jean & I.  We really enjoy the
photo postings that you did.  I believe that I saw one or two of those
photos at the BBQ.

Yes, the BBQ was way cool.  I also enjoyed watching those old Imaginos vids
from 88-89.  Can't believe all the leather and hair Buck had.  I wonder if
he were to see this video if he would be embarrades by his get up?  However,
the music was GREAT.  I also agree with you that it would be awesome to get
to hear something like I Am The One You Warned Me Of played live again.
Anyways, Imaginos is a part of BOC that I consider supurb, regardless of the
pros and cons as to weather or not it was actually a BOC record.

Anyways, have fun on the BOC-L.  By the way, did you make the Reno and/or
Vegas shows?

God bless...


Jean Delacour
University of New Mexico
Parish Library
Alb, NM 87131-1496
delacour at unm.edu

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