OFF: Jesus Saves or does he?

Paul Mather paul at CSGRAD.CS.VT.EDU
Thu Jun 13 14:22:40 EDT 1996

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, John A Swartz wrote:

> Finally, this thread is quite off from BOC/Hawkwind, and therefore really
> doesn't belong on this list -- even the OFF topics should have some
> relevance (the idea of having an OFF filter was not so that anyone of us
> could start up threads on whatever we wanted to talk about).

I agree.  Arguing about religion and politics isn't even on the subject
of music, let alone BOC or Hawkwind.



obCD: Jethro Tull, _Aqualung_

PPS: In the news section of the BOC article issue of Goldmine there was
mention of a special 25th anniversary edition of _Aqualung_, kompleat
with bonus tracks (and everything remastered and all).  Has anyone
sighted this beastie?

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