OFF: Lyrics (was Duran Duran)

Fri Jun 14 03:15:15 EDT 1996

1. imaginos-  i have all of boc's albums and have been a fan nearly as long as they have
been a band.BUT- while i like the album imaginos, the lyrics seem extremely disjointed
and prone to inciting images rather than a story.the liner notes, to me, seem even
less solid, like they put it in there just so we can look at them and say
2. v-p-w's- good lyrics, same for black blade,and sole survivor.  my two favorite
lyrical works by boc-  the vigil, and then came the last days of may.many other tunes
seem like the lyrics were only added as an after thought,and the only redemption for
them is that they seem to rhyme.
3. hawkwind- live chronicles- maybe it is only because i knew the elric story by rote
before ever hearing this album, but from my point of view, this story could not have
been delivered more accurately than it is here.hawkwind seems to be no less guilty than
anyone else of adding lyrics just for freak value than anyone else, but when they are
trying to tell a story, they are usually right -on.
one band that a lot of people can't stand,is really good at telling tales in their
lyrics. i'm talking about iron maiden,especially piece of mind.if you knnow the
words to this album,it can give you chills at times..

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