HW: The Quest for Levitation

Stephen Swann swann at PHANTOM.COM
Fri Jun 14 17:59:43 EDT 1996

Andy Gilham writes:
> In a message dated 14/06/96  19:32:28, you write:
> >>> Suggestions for your next HW buy: _Doremi Fasol Latido_ or _PXR5_.
> >>
> >>After the guy complains about repetetive music, you'd recommend, as his
> >>second purchase, an album that opens with 11 minutes of "Brainstorm"?
> >>This Earth Control to Space Cadet Andy, come in Andy!!!   ;-)
> >
> >Thanks for coming to my rescue, Stephen ! :-))
> Just trying to steer him towards the good stuff...

Yes, well.  Please allow the man to get his toes wet before holding
him under for 45 minutes.  ;-)

swann at panix.com

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