HW: Michael Moorcock (was The Quest for Levitation)

Fri Jun 14 14:24:15 EDT 1996

Alex S. Garcia wrote:

> Yeah, I *do* remember that story... I also liked it a lot. Wasn't that in
> "The sailor on the seas of fate" (my favorite Elric book, BTW) ? I remember
> several Eternal Champions meeting (among which Hawkmoon and Corum if my
> memory serves me right) but I don't recall Jery Cornelius being included in
> the bunch... The song itself is pretty good though, I agree *smile*

elric at the end of time was a story unto itself,and was written out of
sync with the rest of it.it somehow (imo) lacked the creepy despairing
quality of the rest of the novels.it seemed to fit in well with fortress
of the pearl to me.
here's one:   on "warrior on the edge of time". the song "standing on
the edge",is credited to powell,house,and brock.moorcock later used the
lyrics, word for word, in his novel the "dragon in the sword".(i think
that was what it was called).i had thought he had allowed hw to use his
lyrics until i checked all the dates.(the book was copyrighted early
eighties,the album 1975.) rj

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