Amsterdam meeting point

Jerry stayer at PI.NET
Sun Jun 16 23:00:06 EDT 1996

>Hi Folks,
>Whos goin and where are we meeting? The same question applies to Brentwood,
>guildford, Amsterdam and possibly Tilburg.

For all your HW fans coming to the Amsterdam gig...

On the Leidseplein there's a bar / coffeeshop called The Bulldog. Everyone
knows that one. I'll be wearing a... (don't laugh) Red Dwarf t-shirt. It's
the most distinct t-shirt I have, I guess. (Hm, still have to find it first!)

You can reach Leidseplein by tram from Central Station: lines 1, 2, and 5 go
to Leidseplein. When you get out at Leidseplein, cross the tram's rails and
you see the Bulldog right in front of you. Can't miss it. We'll meet in

>Bill ( WILL TRADE DRINKS FOR {well you know}) Stewart
Well I know what? You can get enough at the Bulldog! :-)

See you there!

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