HW : re-HLL or not?

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Mon Jun 17 15:52:11 EDT 1996

> >        I really couldn't complain a bit if they had Simon and Del
> >(pipedream alert! ;) as full time members :)  Then they could ditch
> >those dreadful sequencers ...
> >
>         Add in  Tim Blake and Lemmy and Nik and this would be q
> perfect line-up

        Now we are discussing _serious_ pipedream :)  I was going to
settle for just _one_ bass player and _one_ synth player.  Simon
would be wishful thinking, and stranger things have happened than
having Del join, but I would hold out no hope at all for anything
but guest appearances from Lemmy and Nik--and Blake doesn't even
bother to mess about with Gong! ;)


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