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Alex S. Garcia artefact at IMAGINET.FR
Mon Jun 17 20:50:25 EDT 1996

>> On "Song of the swords" is missing "My eyes were blind I could not
>> see Õ...þ Black swords hanging cold as ice, will they lead me to Paradise ?"
>> (that's 6 lines in the sleeve !).
>That is a new one on me.iv'e never heard those lines before, nor have i
ever seen them
>in print.what release is that?

I have the Griffin 1994 release.

>>         But my sleeve gives me the following lyrics, which I can't seem to
>> find anywhere in the songs :
>>(lyrics snipped)
>> I thought they should be in the track titled "Arioch", but this one
>> apparently is an instrumental. So I'm puzzled !
>ok, i've found these words in my sleeve,but i assume they are merely there for
>atmosphere, as they are the only lyrics in the booklet without a title.    rj

Yeah, you're probably right, must be for atmosphere... There are stylized
letters on the page which I thought at first must read "Arioch" - and that's
why I thought they were the lyrics to that song - but apparently they're not
even letters, just some kind of weird (but cool) drawing !

Alex S. Garcia.

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