Live 1974 News

Bernhard Pospiech b.pospiech at POP.RUHR.DE
Tue Jun 18 10:33:40 EDT 1996

Hi there

>        Becoming confused ... (standard Hawkfan state, really ;)
Why beeing confused. Here are the facts:

>        And I guess the question is, although the UK dates certainly have
>Lemmy do the US dates have Lemmy?  I thought Lemmy didn't leave until
>late-74 or 75?

Lemmys 1st  gig: August 1971
Lemmys last gig: around 18.05.1975

If the LIVE 1974 is really a 1974 recording I am 99% sure that it is WITH Lemmy.

The 1% is the small chance that Lemmy was drunken or full with Amphetamins
this day


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