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Tue Jun 18 09:06:00 EDT 1996

>From: jean l delacour
>To: Multiple recipients of list BOC-L
>Subject: Re: BOCbase
>Date: Monday, June 17, 1996 6:13PM
>On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Jerry wrote:
>> Manuel,
>> >Just let me know when and I'll break out all the info I have on tour
>> >I concur with you comment that there is not enough time, but when you
>> >I'll be more that happy to provide the info that I have for you and the
>> >people on the list to see as well.
>> If you send it, I will type in a couple of lines every time. We'll get
>> :-) So, send me the list and amaze me!
>> Thanks,
>> Jerry
>Sounds good.  How do you want me to list the tour dates?
>For examle, should we begin from the past and work our way up to now, or
>vis versa?  Do you want to do one year at a time?
>Please let me know and I'll start listing a little info at a time, to in-
>clude as much info that is known on each specific date.
>Sounds like it's gonna be alot of work, but fun at the same time.
>God bless...
>Jean Delacour
>University of New Mexico
>Parish Library
>Alb, NM 87131-1496
>delacour at

And to think I started all this by asking if there existed a BOCbase
anywhere on the web.  Well, I think I'll just go hide in the corner now.


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