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Keith A Henderson khenders at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Tue Jun 18 17:26:35 EDT 1996

John said...
> Since I've seen serveral HW posts mentioning Lemmy, and since someone also
> mentioned Metallica and their new single, "Until it Sleeps" (which I happen
> to like, although parallels to "The Reaper" are tenuous at best, IMHO), I
> thought I'd post this.  The CD single of Metallica's "Until It Sleeps" has
> as a second track, "Overkill" which I believe is not on the album - Lemmy
> has a writing credit (I think he plays on it as well - memory fails here),
> and the liner notes indicate it being played on Lemmy's 50th birthday.

Presumably, this is just their live version (from that birthday party) of the
old Motorhead song, from the album of the same name.  Hence, the writing it Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor???

Was this the first 'thrash' song in existence???  I can't remember any earlier
MH songs that were quite as fast and furious.  I suppose it's a matter of

Keith H. (FAA)

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