HW : re-HLL or not?

Martyn Lawrence martynl at FUJITSU.COM.AU
Thu Jun 20 12:23:43 EDT 1996

> Carl wrote:
> >        I'd vote for Simon rejoining permanently over Huw, actually ...
> Yup, that gets the vote from me! Anyone have any idea if Simon's likely to
> rejoin at some point? I know Dave mentioned he may well do stuff with them
> again. What about Harvey, I remember Dave saying he'd probably rejoin
> sometime too.
> Dave

        I'd love to see Harvey join again,it might make Dave get out front
with his geetar,and wah-wah a bit more.I know Harvey gets some stick on the
list for "back in the box" etc ,but his keyboard work on Palace Springs is
great,I just love those moog lead-lines.
However I believe Harvey left,after an argument that lead to keyboards being
thrown,well that was the rumour I heard anyway.I have to agree that stuff like
"Mutation Zone" was crap ,thank god they shortened it during the Mad proffesors
tour from 10 mins to about 2.

anyone get a chicken from that tour?



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