HW: Brixton & Guildford

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Mon Jun 24 09:09:04 EDT 1996

> >As for Guildford, well I was a lot more sober which maybe meant that I
> >didn't get into it as much.
> That's reasurring. Reading the list, I was begininng to think I'd had
> one too many to appreciate what was going on, because I was too busy
> running around shouting a lot, socialising and laughing my head off!

        Well, if I was soberer there'd probably be less audible audience
noise on the tape :)  There's usually a good trio of myself, Jon, and
Andy though I was closest to the mic.  Andy takes lead on Aerospaceage
Inferno, I think :)  Mike gets in a few shouts for "Upside Down" with
me (it was worth a try :) and Jazza escaped by not knowing most of the
songs, but does get in an occasional question or two.

        Mind you, it _is_ actually a tape of Hawkwind mostly :)  The list
contribution is getting undue press here :)


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