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David Bottomley D.M.Bottomley at LBORO.AC.UK
Fri Jun 28 10:50:15 EDT 1996

At 10:32 28/06/96 +0100, you wrote:
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>>Someone, somewhere should have a copy of Hawkwind miming to 'Quark,
>>Strangeness & Charm' on Marc Bolan's TV Pop Show from the '70's.
>I saw that years ago when they re-ran "Marc". Correct me if I'm wrong
>but Dave wasn't on it, right? Bob was entertaining, though AFAICR.

Correct. As I recall, Calvert "played" the guitar parts, including close-up
during solo (fortunately brief on this version!). I heard that Brock didn't
want to appear on the show if they had to mime, so claimed his car had
broken down on the way to the studio and didn't show up! Does anyone know if
this true?

As I'm (very) new to all of this, and clearly not sufficently intelligent to
work it out, could someone please explain 'AFAICR'. Cheers.
Dave Bottomley

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