BOC: WebSites?

Jack W. Heffling hdboc at TELEVAR.COM
Sat Jun 29 12:07:29 EDT 1996


I have a BÖC web site at
It also includes all the other BÖC sites I know of. I'll add yours too.

Also, concerning the comment about the BÖC bass players and drummers. In
my opinion, they will never be able to replace Al as he is the greatest,
however Danny Miranda was selected after auditions were held. I don't
know about his song writing ability, but he sure brings enthusiasm to the
stage and his bass playing is great.


Joseph Brooks wrote:
> Hello.. Thought I'd come out of lurk mode here and ask you all about BOC
> websites. I am developing a music page which will include a BOC section and
> I'd like to include some links to a few of the better BOC sites. The ones I
> used to know seem to be gone..
> So if you have a BOC related web site or know the URL to a good one, please
> mail it to me or post it on the list... Thanks in advance!
> Oh and while my site is not complete yet (especially the music page), if
> you'd like to check it out, see the address below in my sig..
> Keep those ears meltin' and eyes burnin'...
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>   | | \   *jbrooks at                   | "What ever you do,
>   | | <   *      |  take care of your
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