Power in the hands of fools

Fri Mar 1 03:13:54 EST 1996

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Ted O. Jackson wrote:

> > > about any heavy tune. Anyone else out there got any nifty titles that
> > > ALMOST made it as BOC song titles?
> >
> >         Well, this story is at least a tangent of the "nifty tiles"
> > thread.  After ST and before OYFoOYN, I had a dream that the next BOC
> > album was going to be called "140 Ways to 39".

Heh...  When I was in college, during the big gap after "Revolution by
Night", the local Discount Den used these flat plastic dividers to separate
the bands from each other.  To keep track of which albums should be in
which section, they taped a form on the front of each divider, listing
all the albums.

Some joker wrote in an album name under RbN, and even though it sounded
very unlike a BOC album, I was so desperate to hear new BOC that I tried
for months to order "The Nice People".  :)


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