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Andy Gilham AndyGilham at AOL.COM
Fri Mar 1 06:40:45 EST 1996

I think I have to point out that whether or not you like _Alien 4_ is very
dependent on whether or not you like Ron Tree - I don't want to open that
again, but just to say, possibly not a good starting point for that reason.
 If you're a Lemmy fan, OTOH, (and who isn't? :) then I'd say go for any of
the UA albums with Lemmy on, and work your way from there.

In fact, I'm shaping up to saying, yes, start with _Space Ritual_, why not!
 I mean, if you're ever going to like Hawkwind at all, then you'll know it as
soon as "Born to Go" gets into a groove...

- Andy

ObStrangeCDThatIHaven'tQuiteMadeMyMindUpAboutYet: Neil Young - _Dead Man_

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