NIK: Past or Future?

Fri Mar 1 17:44:08 EST 1996

>In a message dated 96-02-29 22:01:40 EST, dave wrote:
>> definitely a great disc, i was only sorry that they did not include any
>> tracks from the phila. show (that i was out!! :-) Would have been nice,
>> but i can't complain really...
>Out of curiousity, at what dates *was* PoF recorded?
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This is from the foldout.

All tracks except 1 and 4 recorded live at the Great American Music Hall,
S.F., Ca.
Sunday Aug.6, 1995. ( Track one is Dreamworker, 4 is Warriors on the Edge of
Time )
Track one: 7/30/95, Fox Theatre, Boulder Co.
Track 4 : 7/5/95 at Emo's, Austin, Tx.

Hope this helps,

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