HW: Stop Press -Reply

Yuri Gagarin A.Wilson at DERBY.AC.UK
Mon Mar 4 10:57:15 EST 1996

> June 17: EBSSCD 117/EBSLP 117 _Ritual of the Solstice_. Re-mix
> incl. Utah Saints, Banco de Gaia, Senser, Advent, Optic Eye, Salt
> Tank, Astralasia and others

        ... and speaking of useless techno-outfits ;)  Well, there've been one
or two decent tracks among the previous remixes ...

well, we know what astralasia can do w/hw stuff; Optic eye are a pretty
shit hot bunch (deeep ambient-tinged techno), certainly in the rifght spatial
groove, salt tank i've heard are pretty good, Banco worldy planet dog type
stuff - and not half bad pop-pickers, advent dunno. So *some* of it should
be purdy grood. U.S's and Senser? i'll let the reverend make is mind mind

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