OFF: Magna Carta Records

Jerry stayer at PI.NET
Mon Mar 4 22:52:17 EST 1996

>Anyone here familiar with this "label" (boot makers?)?

Magna Carta is a relatively new label, set up by Peter Morticelli and Mike
Varney. I don't know where the office is situated, for the Dutch
distribution is done by Roadrunner, and they put their own address on the

Their catalog consists mainly (if not only) of progressive rock. Some
names: Magellan (their best), Shadow Gallery, and Cairo. They also
produced two tributes: 'The Moon Revisited' (Dark Side of the Moon by some
of their artists plus some other progressive rock musicians), and 'Tales
>From Yesterday', a tribute to Yes by mostly the same musicians who did
'The Moon Revisited'.

They're definitely not boot makers, that is, if we're talking about the
same label, of course :-)


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