BOC: Ripper... first glance

Andrew A. Apold mordru at MAGG.NET
Tue Mar 5 16:01:48 EST 1996

Well, got "Ripper", today, primarily because of the large
"Featuring the music of Blue Oyster Cult" plug we've been
seeing in all the ads...

DfTR plays throughout the intro, though there is a voiceover on the
second half of the first part of the song.  It fades out before reaching
the second part.

After, that, it's been all "incidental" music, nothing from BOC songs,
and I don't think it's by anyone from BOC (the credits in the manual
credit someone else with "music", a Michael Bross.  In fact, nowhere
in the manual does it mention BOC at all, which gives the
appearance of having been finished without DFtR and just having the
song tacked on for the intro/demo.  I should not write it off on that level
yet, though; the game comes on 6 cd's and I'm still on the first one, and
have only messed around for a half hour or so as I write this.

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