charmed ME-262 called <Plutonium>?

Bryan Irby irby at CRUX.ASTR.UA.EDU
Wed Mar 6 15:11:34 EST 1996

> Call me Desdinova.. Hmmm nova = new, I wonder what the origin for the rest
> of the name yields...  (for example, if I'm not mistaken, Casanova
> translates somewhat as "newhouse", but also somewhat as "newlywed", since in
> spanish the word for marry and house are the same "casar", to marry, and
> "casa", house...

It was always my understanding that Desdinova translates essentially
to "Eternal Light".  'Desd' i think relates to time (i.e., destiny, etc.)
and 'nova' can also be interpreted in terms of illumination if I'm
not mistaken.


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