1980 HW help

M Holmes fofp at CASTLE.ED.AC.UK
Thu Mar 7 05:57:17 EST 1996

Jeremy Dacombe writes:

> --- Received from LIMEMO1.DACOMBJ  4709             07/03/96 08.50
>  Hi,
>   Remember a while ago there was a lot of discussion regarding a
>   Treforest gig in 1980?
>   Well I've another question which MAY cause further confusion.
>   I've recently heard a tape labelled as:
>            Pilton: Worthy Farm 5.11.80.
>   OK, so this date is clearly wrong, HOWEVER it does definitely
>   sound like an outdoors/festival event due to the type of crowd
>   noise and soom of the stage banter.

Well eagle-eyed brits will notice that this is Guy Fawkes Day and a not
unlikely source of an outdoor event.

Could check the newspaper archives to see what events were advertised.

>  Jez.


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