HW: Treforest gig 1980 / good news !!

Bernhard Pospiech b.pospiech at POP.RUHR.DE
Sun Mar 10 03:45:00 EST 1996


>        Gods!  Does this mean that Hawkwind might actually make good on their
>mumbles about releasing old material that they made to Scott Heller on the
>US tour last spring.  If this actually happens, it suggests hitherforto
>unknown wellsprings of organization within the Hawkwind camp.
>        Or possibly a frenzied reaction to the realisation that "we can
>sell these Kollectors _anything_!" ;)

I think it is only a reaction for the thousands of requests to release old
material that was indeed recorded in the early years

Richard Chadwick told me backstage after the Bochum gig (26.10.1995) that
they plan to release the Hammersmith gig from 05.Oct.1976.

I am really looking forward that all these material will be somedays on the

Only to hear the old bootleg quality tapes is OK. But listening to a
soundboard quality tape would be amazing

>        All of this, naturally, will be "touched up" by Dave in the studio
>and released as _Live Remasters of the Universe_ (until the release is
>squashed for mysterious reasons by Doug Smith, and the tapes sent to
>California for Nik Turner to overdub vocals on ;)

Better a modified record like Palace Springs than a raw record like Youri

You are right. There is no need to modify the live recordings. They should
release them like they were recorded.

But only if the  NOT played absolutely drunken and stoned (YOURI GAGARIN)


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