HW: how about a brawl!!

Stephen Lindsey stephen at SPATIAL.UNISYS.COM
Mon Mar 11 11:50:48 EST 1996

> it is now about a year later and about 20 hawkwind albums added to my
> collection including a new studio album from the band; anyone up for
> hawkbrawl 96? we've got some new listmembers and also some people who are
> just starting their collections that might be interested in the data
> generated by this. I for one would like to see how alien 4 rates in the polls
> a couple of considerations are :
> 1. I don't have the abilities to tabulate the results and am not sure if
> those that did it last year have recooperated yet -
> 2. with new album coming soon and reissues of classics with bonus tracks
> should we wait till summer? last year psychedelic warriors had just come
> out and only 2 members had the album which had an effect on the ratings
> of that one i think- it might take a long time for non- UK listmembers to
> get the upcoming new stuff but a lot of us have Alien 4 now.
> what do you think, go or no?

Well,  I guess I am the official keeper of the HAWKBRAWL (the BRAWLmeister ? )
meaning I ran the two that have happened so far (yes there was a HAWKBRAWL '92
for those more recent of the converted), and have the algorithms, and all the
 stored votes. I managed to pass the info on to fofp once when he did the
tracks poll ( a task I deemed impossible !) but I'm not in a despaerate hurry
to either do one immediately or to pass on the info (it takes a fair bit of
explaining to setup).  I mean we had a three year gap last time !! Also
I'm real busy (I have a new daughter, three months old, something  I never
really advertised to all and sundry),  having said all that, maybe I could
be convinced a little later in the year, so how about bugging me again
in a few months ?? That or if demand really grows to a fever pitch 8-)

What I'd like to try,  (again not just now) possibly is either a poll
on the solo and side project albums, or possibly a poll of the most
common "HW-like" bands/albums that come up frequently here (Aamon Duul,
Ozrics, Monster Magnet, Procupine Tree etc.)

Steve L.

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