HW: Are U ready 2 Rumble? Hawkbrawl '96

cjohnson cjohnson at SUR1A.HPSC.HISD.HARRIS.COM
Mon Mar 11 15:54:39 EST 1996

       You know, Steve's second suggestion about a poll of recent topic
       bands may be a good idea, but I don't know how to make it into a
       poll per se.  I'd love to see a list of the best releases by the
       many bands that have popped up on BOC-L these past few months, in
       order to help guide my future buying habits.

       I kinda think relating each of these bands to HW may be asking a
       bit much, though...

       Perhaps this might be more fruitful (meaning more entries will be
       submitted) in a general Space Rock poll than a HW Solo poll, since
       many/most of the candidate groups have a wider availability in the
       USA and UK.  We could open it up to any and all entries, to present
       as large a list of valid suggestions as possible?

       As long as I'm wasting my company's money making long lists of
       bands and albums, here are my suggestions for a "Space Rock Poll of
       best albums that (hopefully) appeal to fans of Hawkwind, many for
       very different reasons" <what a name>:

       Spacious Mind
       Djam Karet
       Porcupine Tree
       Bevis Frond
       Amon Duul (I & II)
       Ozric Tentacles
       King Crimson
       Monster Magnet
       Archetectural Metaphor
       Farflung (HW-related!)
       Omnia Opera
       Sky Cries Mary
       Magic Mushroom Band
       Melting Euphoria
       Guru Guru
       Zero Gravity (HW-related!)

       perhaps less space-ROCK and more space-TECHNO:
       Eat Static
       System 7 (a.k.a. 777)
       Salt Tank
       Annubian Lights (if we don't do a HW solo poll!)

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