HW Pil/Tre/StA

Bernhard Pospiech b.pospiech at POP.RUHR.DE
Wed Mar 13 13:13:45 EST 1996

Hello Jeremy

Here is a mail I posted a few days ago

Received  a letter from ADRIAN PARR

He told me that he saw a press cutting with the TREFOREST gig on this cutting.

He remebers that the date was either 27.10.1980 or 07.11.1980. He's not sure.

This TREFOREST gig is also mentioned in Brian Tawn's HAWKFAN 6 on side 5

What is told here fits very good into the opening words from Dave before the
gig starts.

It was one of the smallest places HAWKWIND ever played

Now it seems that the tape we all have is deffinitly from TREFOREST
(I suppose 27.10.1980)

I have got the same tape Jeremy and Jill mentioned. Received it a few years
ago as ST.ALBANS and a few moths ago as TREFOREST. But there is no doubt:
Both tapes are absolute identical (and WITHOUT "Dangerous Vision")


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