HW: They're here

Chris Bates C.D.Bates at SHEFFIELD.AC.UK
Thu Mar 14 04:13:19 EST 1996

> > The CDnow webstore is saying the Hawkwind plus 4, and Space Ritual reissues
> > are available as special order imports.   $26.97 & $38.97 respectively.
> >   Pretty steep for a little new stuff, hope the sound has improved!!!
>         Probably means they'll be in the 13-14 quid range (if not worse)
> over here :(   I think they're jumping the gun a little, as mail order places
> often do, since the remasters aren't do out until the 25th or 26th.

Do these mail order places hike the prices slightly? Given current exchange
rates these prices would come in at 18 UKP and 26 UKP which is beyond the
ridiculous! The YES remasters are available at 9.90 UKP from HMV (as
opposed to a typical 9.50 UKP for the un-remastered versions). I don't
know what the new Sabbath remasters are going for. If EMI want to rack up
ANY decent numbers of sales the HW stuff will have to be mid-priced. I
was going to get all 5 but now I might be looking at Space Ritual and just
one other :-(

Given that they're being put out by a real record company, can we assume
that the release date is correct?


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