HW: Hawks on the net

Rudich, Robert A Rudich at VOLPE2.DOT.GOV
Fri Mar 15 08:34:00 EST 1996

>>"We are not connect for e-mail, but shortly we will which brings me
>shortly?  didn't he say that last year?

At the edge of time, what's the Earth's revolution around the sun mean?

>Well, the RODS homepage still needs some work.  I need a good, clear
>black & white photo of Doug Smith, and I am trying to get one of them
>interactive maps to track his whereabouts...

Just get him to strap on a GPS transponder for a few bucks a day.

>That'd be nice....   any hope of Nik?  If we could somehow get him on the
>list, and then Dave & co.  to stay away because of that, it'd be just like
>BOC side of the list with Al and the current BOC lineup....

With Al we got the better of the deal.  With Nik, I don't think so.  I'd
rather hear from Dave, Richard, and Allan than give Nik a forum for his
stuff.  Al left for good reasons, Nik sort of got kicked to the curb to
crawl off.


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