OFF: cloning technology

M Holmes fofp at CASTLE.ED.AC.UK
Tue Mar 19 12:16:58 EST 1996

Matt Curtis writes:

> Kinda HW, kinda OFF:

> I heard on the radio this morning that in the UK they've succesfully
> cloned a sheep.

Yep. It was scientist dudes in Edinburgh wot done it.

> Fascinating, whichever way you look at it..  Apparently it's the first
> time they've had success cloning mammals.  What's next?

Well, they seem to have a thing about sheep. I'm sure they had one
genetically engineered to lactate some kinda human hormone.

Maybe a new method of producing beer? It's sure to go down well in
'stralia :-)

> -matt "Everything it bleats is in the same tone..."

Until it goes to Slaughterhouse Five...


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