HW: Remasters

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Sun Mar 24 04:17:43 EST 1996

In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.960323155341.26480B-
100000 at apache.utdallas.edu>, Le Monsieur Damon <dcapehar at UTDALLAS.EDU>
>OK, so UKP8.99 = $?
>   and UKP20 = $?
>...and shipping and handling would bring about a total of $? for each
>one? (unless it's just not that simple...)  I'm assuming that getting it
>directly mailed from someone buying it at that discount will ultimately
>be less than if I get it from, say, CDNow.

1 UKP = $1.54 last time I checked. Rarely changes more than a couple of
cents in either direction.

Surely, SURELY there must be a Mail Order outfit Stateside than can get
these for you?
If not I'll post a UK address but natch they'll be cheaper to ship from
a US address.
>Damon Capehart

Jon Browne

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