OFF: Jerry Lives

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Wed Mar 27 14:35:03 EST 1996

> Jerry Garcia, late lead singer of the Grateful Dead and
> spiritual figure for millions of free thinkers, was
> spotted recently in Yosemite National Park.  The man who
> spotted him, an acquaintance of mine, told me personally
> that he shared a "smoke" with him.
> Jerry said he faked his death for several reasons:
> 1. To leave an unhappy marriage and be with his
> girlfriend.
> 2. To become anonymous and travel freely again.
> 3. Most importantly, to retire from the demands of the
> record companies and tour promoters.
> Yes, his wife does know, and has agreed to keep quiet in
> return for the bulk of his estate.
> Yes, the other members of the Dead know, and wish their
> friend the best.
> No, neither the authorities nor the record company know.
> However, his label has discovered that Jerry's name and
> creations are worth even more now that he's "gone," so
> evidence that has been forwarded to them has been publicly
> dismissed as a hoax, a la the Elvis sightings.
> Jerry wouldn't say what his next destination was, but
> indicated that big cities were too dangerous for him.  He
> has shaved his beard and cut his hair.

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