HW: Nikwind USA Tour Dates (first draft)

Rob Stuckey etlrbsy at ETLXDMX.ERICSSON.SE
Wed Mar 27 18:04:22 EST 1996

> > They also played the Emerald Centre, Hammersmith, London on 23/12/93 if
> > I correctly remember the night I was concussed. Jill or Gordon may be
> > able to confirm...
> >
> I've got the ticket somewhere at home and can check this.   I suspect
> tho' it  was the night of 22 Dec - the 23 Dec being the last day we
> could get out of London and back to Edinburgh in time to recover and
> rejoin respective families on Xmas Eve (I had to travel back down to the
> West Country).   And Gordon was trying to catch a plane to America as
> I recall!    It got complicated.

  I think you're right Jill, because I remember that my car broke down
 on the way to that gig so I didn't make it and I had to get to Bristol
 the next day so I was in a bit of a panic.

     bye - Rob

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