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Craig Shipley craigs at PYRAMID.COM
Thu Mar 28 21:17:48 EST 1996

> >>
> >> *PXR5*
> >>
> >> Jack of Shadows - book by Roger Zelazny; the eponymous character lives on a
> >> world half ruled my science, and half by magic.
> >> Robot - refers to Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics
> >> High Rise - book by JG Ballard, depicting an urban dystopia.
> >Oh, another thing.....if I remember correctly, PXR5 is some sort of motion
> >picture film, isn't it??  I think I heard it here, so please reiterate.
>         I think PXR5 was the title of a sci-fi movie that George Lucas made in
> film school.  A lot stranger than his Star Wars movies, if I remember
> correctly.
> >Keith H.
> Brian
The title of the movie was THX, just like the new sound-enhancement system.
Never saw it, so can't comment...

...back to the Windows 95 upgrade (on my _fourth_ set of diskettes! And
people bitch about the quality of the s/w that _we_ release! At least it
_loads_! grrrrrrr......)

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