HW: PXR5 movie

Keith A Henderson khenders at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Thu Mar 28 21:31:10 EST 1996

> >Oh, another thing.....if I remember correctly, PXR5 is some sort of motion
> >picture film, isn't it??  I think I heard it here, so please reiterate.
>       I think PXR5 was the title of a sci-fi movie that George Lucas made in
> film school.  A lot stranger than his Star Wars movies, if I remember
> correctly.
> Brian

No, that's not it.  There was a film with an odd alpha-numeric title like that
by Lucas, but PXR5 wasn't it....anyway, I didn't mean a movie -- I meant movie
film....you know, the celluloid stuff they actually record the movie on....

Just clearing things up....

Keith H.

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