BOC: lyrics for D&S and I Am the One?

Jon Jarrett jaj20 at HERMES.CAM.AC.UK
Wed May 1 08:57:43 EDT 1996

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Andy Gilham wrote:

> Carl
> >        I actually own a copy of Bolle's official lyric book, but
> >unfortunately it's in the States (yeah, I know--I brought my Icelandic
> >dictionary over but not my BOC lyric book: where *are* my priorities ;)
> So just make something up, and sing it in Icelandic :)

        No! Don't do that! I remember seeing Bjork at Wembley (supporting
U2, OK?), and when she started singing in Icelandic was definitely when
she lost the audience's interest.
        Mind you, whoever put Bjork on between the Stereo MCs and U2 was in
a strange mood anyway...

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